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How to Add Confetti to Your ConvertKit Page

Adding Confetti animation to ConvertKit is really easy!

No coding skills required. Simply follow these steps and you're good to go.

Youtube video:

First Create the Confetti Animation

Step 0: Create a custom Confetti animation and generate the code to install on your website by visiting ConfettiPage.com.

Play confetti example

Step 1: Click the black button that says “Copy Code”.

Step 2: On ConvertKit go to the desired page you want the confetti to be in.

Quick tip: It is recommended to put the confetti animation in the thank you page, to celebrate with your visitor for taking action (signing up, purchase etc).

Then Install the Confetti Code on your Chosen Page

Step 2: Go to ConvertKit, and on the Main Menu, choose “Grow” then “Landing Pages & Forms”.

Step 3: To get to the Thank you Page, select the Landing Page you want to edit.

Step 4: Click the "Thank you Page" tab.

Note: Please disregard the content you are seeing on this page - it is simply being used for demonstration purposes.

Step 5: Select any block and then click on the circled plus button that appears on its right. Select HTML Block.

Step 6: Once the HTML Block is added, click on the “Edit” button.

Step 7: This will open a box where you will be able to paste in the confetti code next. This is what it will look like.

Step 8: Right-click with your mouse and click “paste” to add the code you copied from ConfettiPage.com earlier (or use the text shortcut “Control V” for Windows or “Command V” for Mac) to paste the code.

Step 9: Once you see the Confetti code pasted into the JS/HTML Element, click “Save”.

Step 10: Click “Save”.

Step 11: Click “Publish” then copy the link provided.

Step 12: To see the Confetti animation in action, test out the link by going to a new tab and filling out the form for the Landing Page.

If you did all the steps above correctly, the Confetti code will work. Congratulations!

Step 13 (optional): If you are using the free version, you will see the "ConfettiPage.com" branding appear at the bottom left.

If you would like it removed, simply pay for a license to use it without the watermark.

Ready to make your visitors' hearts dance?